Chapblog from April 2012 – April 2013

oh pen letters

Dear Construct, How all is chugging along in language and object-illusion! My desires are summounting as per usual. I’m delighted I will again be in great movement. How I relish movement of any sort, especially that greater than my own body. Trains most of all. Planes are necessary for those far flung places–or flung far from […]


there / go (everything is new)

Hollow yawn my f/t/re if yo/ co/ld find a way o/t in into a different tong/e i miss me / mimesis neither knows where it has gone come from in a station of the metro, in Pound’s Paris, of here unknowing one knows what one thinks one knows when it will end ro/ghly q/estions are yawns echoes have […]



  A pigeon sits centre of the footpath coming up to midday.   Its feathers puffed-up nestled in a nesting position on the shady side of the street.   Cut and red where its neck once would’ve stuck out   it has been proven even less I know how all this came to be   […]



We’re going to go over the pronunciation of the word opportunity. So the word opportunity is a five syllable word with secondary stress on the first syllable and primary stresses on the third syllable da da DA da da opportunity it begins with the AH as in the father vowel and you do need a […]