art man

thou art man

mantra thou

human tarot

a human trot

a hart mount

a truth moan

a tantrum ho

a matron hut

am a rot hunt

o-man a truth

rant a mouth

a truant ‘ohm…’


Moat turn. Ha!

Tom. A-ha, turn.

Ah atom turn.


Tartan oh-um.

Tartan ho-um.

Rattan oh-um.


Ah man tutor?

Ah Roman tut.

Man trout ha.

A Math tutor

than a Mr Out.


Art mount: AH

Or mutant HA


Ah…tram unto…

Ham Ant Tour.


Unto harm at

ham rot tuna

than oat rum

haunt art om

oh rut mantra:

mantra thou
mahout rant
mahout tarn
math outran
hora mutant
hart amount
a human tort
a human trot
a than tumor
a rah mutton
a hart mount
a that mourn
a oman truth
a moan truth
a matron hut
a tantrum ho
a tantrum oh
a mutant rho
a rant mouth
a tarn mouth
a truant ohm
aha norm tut
aha morn tut
aha mot runt
aha mot turn
aha tom runt
aha tom turn
aha mutt nor
mantra uh to
manta ho rut
manta oh rut
manta hut or
manta uh ort
manta uh tor
manta uh rot
tartan ho um
tartan ho mu
tartan oh um
tartan oh mu
tartan uh om
rattan ho um
rattan ho mu
rattan oh um
rattan oh mu
rattan uh om
tantra ho um
tantra ho mu
tantra oh um
tantra oh mu
tantra uh om
aorta nth um
aorta nth mu
attar ohm nu
attar hum on
attar hum no
attar hon um
attar hon mu
aura nth mot
aura nth tom
ah man trout
ah man tutor
ah roman tut
ah manor tut
ah mutant or
ah atom runt
ah atom turn
ah moat runt
ah moat turn
ah mart unto
ah tram unto
ah roan mutt
ah truant om
ah ant tumor
ah tan tumor
ah art mount
ah rat mount
ah tar mount
ah tat mourn
ah taut norm
ah taut morn
ha man trout
ha man tutor
ha roman tut
ha manor tut
ha mutant or
ha atom runt
ha atom turn
ha moat runt
ha moat turn
ha mart unto
ha tram unto
ha roan mutt
ha truant om
ha ant tumor
ha tan tumor
ha art mount
ha rat mount
ha tar mount
ha tat mourn
ha taut norm
ha taut morn
ham an trout
ham an tutor
ham roan tut
ham ran tout
ham rant out
ham tarn out
ham ant rout
ham ant tour
ham tan rout
ham tan tour
ham taunt or
ham tuna ort
ham tuna tor
ham tuna rot
ham aunt ort
ham aunt tor
ham aunt rot
ham anu tort
ham anu trot
ham taro nut
ham taro tun
ham tarot nu
ham oat runt
ham oat turn
ham art unto
ham rat unto
ham tar unto
ham taut nor
ham tau torn
human art to
human rat to
human tar to
human at ort
human at tor
human at rot
human tat or
harm an tout
harm ant out
harm tan out
harm tuna to
harm aunt to
harm anu tot
harm oat nut
harm oat tun
harm at unto
harm taut on
harm taut no
harm tau ton
harm tau not
math an rout
math an tour
math ran out
math ant our
math tan our
math tuna or
math aunt or
math anu ort
math anu tor
math anu rot
math oar nut
math oar tun
math taro nu
math oat run
math oat urn
math tau nor
than ma rout
than ma tour
than am rout
than am tour
than ram out
than mar out
than arm out
than arum to
than tam our
than mat our
than taro um
than taro mu
than oat rum
than auto mr
haunt ma ort
haunt ma tor
haunt ma rot
haunt am ort
haunt am tor
haunt am rot
haunt ram to
haunt mar to
haunt arm to
haunt tam or
haunt mat or
haunt oat mr
haunt art om
haunt rat om
haunt tar om
hora man tut
hora tam nut
hora tam tun
hora mat nut
hora mat tun
hora matt nu
hora an mutt
torah ma nut
torah ma tun
torah am nut
torah am tun
torah tam nu
torah mat nu
torah ant um
torah ant mu
torah tan um
torah tan mu
throat ma nu
throat am nu
throat an um
throat an mu
oath ma runt
oath ma turn
oath am runt
oath am turn
oath man rut
oath ram nut
oath ram tun
oath mar nut
oath mar tun
oath arm nut
oath arm tun
oath mart nu
oath tram nu
oath tam run
oath tam urn
oath mat run
oath mat urn
oath rant um
oath rant mu
oath tarn um
oath tarn mu
oath ant rum
oath tan rum
oath tuna mr
oath aunt mr
rah man tout
rah oman tut
rah moan tut
rah atom nut
rah atom tun
rah moat nut
rah moat tun
rah tam unto
rah mat unto
rah taunt om
rah tuna mot
rah tuna tom
rah aunt mot
rah aunt tom
rah at mount
hart ma unto
hart am unto
hart man out
hart atom nu
hart moat nu
hart tuna om
hart aunt om
hart anu mot
hart anu tom
hat man rout
hat man tour
hat oman rut
hat moan rut
hat roam nut
hat roam tun
hat atom run
hat atom urn
hat moat run
hat moat urn
hat ram unto
hat mar unto
hat arm unto
hat arum ton
hat arum not
hat an tumor
hat at mourn
hat tau norm
hat tau morn
that man our
that roam nu
that arum on
that arum no
that roan um
that roan mu
ma rant thou
ma tarn thou
ma truant ho
ma truant oh
ma taunt rho
ma anu troth
ma taro hunt
ma taut horn
ma tau north
ma tau thorn
am rant thou
am tarn thou
am truant ho
am truant oh
am taunt rho
am anu troth
am taro hunt
am taut horn
am tau north
am tau thorn
man taro hut
man tarot uh
man oat thru
man oat hurt
man art thou
man rat thou
man tar thou
man tat hour
man taut rho
oman art hut
oman rat hut
oman tar hut
oman tart uh
oman at thru
oman at hurt
moan art hut
moan rat hut
moan tar hut
moan tart uh
moan at thru
moan at hurt
roman at hut
roman tat uh
manor at hut
manor tat uh
matron at uh
roam ant hut
roam tan hut
roam at hunt
roam tau nth
amour at nth
atom an thru
atom an hurt
atom ran hut
atom rant uh
atom tarn uh
moat an thru
moat an hurt
moat ran hut
moat rant uh
moat tarn uh
ram ant thou
ram tan thou
ram taunt ho
ram taunt oh
ram tuna hot
ram tuna tho
ram aunt hot
ram aunt tho
ram oat hunt
ram auto nth
ram taut hon
mar ant thou
mar tan thou
mar taunt ho
mar taunt oh
mar tuna hot
mar tuna tho
mar aunt hot
mar aunt tho
mar oat hunt
mar auto nth
mar taut hon
arm ant thou
arm tan thou
arm taunt ho
arm taunt oh
arm tuna hot
arm tuna tho
arm aunt hot
arm aunt tho
arm oat hunt
arm auto nth
arm taut hon
mart an thou
mart tuna ho
mart tuna oh
mart aunt ho
mart aunt oh
mart anu hot
mart anu tho
mart tau hon
tram an thou
tram tuna ho
tram tuna oh
tram aunt ho
tram aunt oh
tram anu hot
tram anu tho
tram tau hon
arum ant hot
arum ant tho
arum tan hot
arum tan tho
arum oat nth
arum tat hon
tam roan hut
tam ran thou
tam ant hour
tam tan hour
tam tuna rho
tam aunt rho
tam oar hunt
tam tau horn
mat roan hut
mat ran thou
mat ant hour
mat tan hour
mat tuna rho
mat aunt rho
mat oar hunt
mat tau horn
matt an hour
matt roan uh
matt anu rho
an tarot hum
an oat thrum
an art mouth
an rat mouth
an tar mouth
an tat humor
roan tat hum
ran at mouth
ran taut ohm
ran tau moth
rant oat hum
rant tau ohm
tarn oat hum
tarn tau ohm
ant taro hum
ant at humor
tan taro hum
tan at humor
tuna art ohm
tuna rat ohm
tuna tar ohm
aunt art ohm
aunt rat ohm
aunt tar ohm
anu art moth
anu rat moth
anu tar moth
anu tart ohm
a ah norm tut
a ah morn tut
a ah mot runt
a ah mot turn
a ah tom runt
a ah tom turn
a ah mutt nor
a ha norm tut
a ha morn tut
a ha mot runt
a ha mot turn
a ha tom runt
a ha tom turn
a ha mutt nor
a ham nor tut
a ham ton rut
a ham not rut
a ham runt to
a ham turn to
a ham run tot
a ham urn tot
a ham nut ort
a ham nut tor
a ham nut rot
a ham tun ort
a ham tun tor
a ham tun rot
a ham nu tort
a ham nu trot
a harm on tut
a harm no tut
a harm nut to
a harm tun to
a harm nu tot
a math on rut
a math no rut
a math run to
a math urn to
a math nut or
a math tun or
a math nu ort
a math nu tor
a math nu rot
a than om rut
a than mr out
a than rum to…


Thou ART man.


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‘Reign of Contexti’ Exhibition and Performance at Watt Space

Reign of Contexti: a room of one’s own works on paper

An installation of three years worth of Kelly Malone’s handwritten journals shredded into walls and a ceiling of contextiosaics.

Showing April 4th-22nd, 2018.

Watt Space Gallery, NSW, Australia

Performance within the installation: Text Icon, a short absurdist play written by Kelly Malone, performed with actors on April 17th, 2018.

CITE           David Graham

COIN           Ashley Fry

CONI           Kelly Malone

ICON            Rebecca Drury

NOTE           Clare Wilkinson

TONE           Madeleine Kehoe

Photos Credit: Clare Wilkson, except the one of ‘Note’ taken by one of the other actors listed above.

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